Fight Against Rugs

F.A.R. (Fight Against Rugs) aims to provide professional smart contract audit services to new and existing crypto projects.

Smart contracts

Audit of the smart contracts is needed to check for bugs and vulnerabilities.

Blockchain analysis

We check transactions and track suspicious activities


We check developers for links with previous scam projects

Smart contract audit

These applications interact with the blockchain through smart contracts, but just like any other software, bugs in the code can lead to security vulnerabilities. Unlike most other types of software, blockchain applications often directly control financial assets. Bugs can lead to serious amounts of money being lost, such as in the infamous DAO hack.

Blockchain analysis

Within our process of auditing, we study all transactions related to the project, the developers wallets, and the transactions inside of the smart contract.

In addition, we check:

  • Suspicious transactions
  • Smart contract function calls
  • And more*


Standard Audit reports

Check audited projects


At the heart of FAR is our smart contract auditing services.

Before beginning the audit itself, we will familaliarise ourselves with your project. We would like to know the project objectives and what the smart contract aims to achieve.

The contract is first automatically scanned for common vulnerabilities. The smart contract is then manually reviewed line by line to check for bugs, stability issues and other dangerous vulnerabilities.

The deliverable of the audit service is a report where we reveal our findings. If any vulnerabilities are found, a fix may be recommended. A customer may also request a revised audit after they have fixed any vulnerabilities found in the first audit.